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Don’t hold it against her just yet!  :)  Shannon recently moved to South Boston from the Windy City of Chicago. It's no suprise that she has felt right at home, impressed with the passion residents have for their neighborhoods and local communities.  Boston was 'meant to be', as Shannon has been a “wicked” Redsox and Celtics fan since she was a kid!  She grew up on the southside of Chicago..very proud of her “irish-roots”…and grew a fondness for New England while attending Lake Forest College with her East Coast friends.  Shannon has a very large and supportive family in Chicago, including a few nephews who think she’s pretty cool for moving “to where Tom Brady lives”.
Prior to joining Patch, Shannon was the Chicagoland Sales Manager for Piranha Promotions, Inc, an advertising specialty company, focusing on corporate branding and promotions.  Shannon managed new business development and client marketing initiatives.  What she loved most about her role at Piranha was collaborating with small and large business owners to develop innovative and creative promotional advertising solutions. Shannon is no stranger to community networking and supporting local businesses, schools and organizations.  She served 4 years as a Marketing Director at a Chicago Loop Bank and 11 years in successful leadership and development roles at two local institutions, Marian Catholic High School and Loyola University of Chicago.  Personally, Shannon’s most rewarding experience at both schools was serving as the Head Women’s Basketball Coach.  Coaching in her local communities provided for a strong appreciation to generate an enthusiastic connection with local people and local places. Shannon looks forward to meeting and working with all of the local business owners her Patches!  She is here to help with all of your digital advertising initiatives and increase your online visibility.  Please reach out and encourage her to make an introduction sooner than later! Email: Shannon.Reidy@patch.com Phone: 857.498.3272 BOSTON ADVERTISING MANAGER Charlestown.patch.com Southend.patch.com Northend.patch.com FenwayKenmore.patch.com Westroxbury.patch.com Beaconhill.patch.com Backbay.patch.com
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