Kate Estrop
Though my background is in fiction, I write all kinds of things these days, from articles to event listings to blog posts to short stories. I'm always looking for the next idea, the next challenge, or the next story, and am never surprised when inspiration strikes in the most odd places.
I enjoy quiet nights at home as much as the next late-20-something modern gal, but most of the time, I'd rather find something fun to do out and around town. Even when I'm working, writing, or editing, I'd rather be at my favorite cafés than cooped up in my room. My indulgances include working on my novel, singing karaoke, and pub trivia, though I still haven't managed to place higher than third (although, at Bull McCabe's in Somerville, third will get you cupcakes!) I love finding new events and posting announcements for the Patch community, and love it even more when the community offers up a juicy tidbit I might have missed.
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