PHOTOS: Voters Few and Far Between on Super Tuesday in the South End

In the city overall, only 7.83 percent of registered voters, or 27,561 out of 352,123, turned up at the polls, according to preliminary data.

Super Tuesday delivered a low turnout in the South End, which was not a surprise to many of the voters and poll workers due to the neighborhood’s Democratic slant.

“I would be a lot of people feel the same way that I do, that [President Barack Obama] is going to be the Democratic candidate, (and) there’s probably no reason to vote. That’s what I would guess,” said Andy Fisher, a South End resident for the past 15 years.

Those who did come out to the polls expressed interest in specific issues, one of which was the economy.

“I know a lot of people are unemployed,” Jeffrey Andrade said. “Jobs are still an issue even if the economy is supposed to be getting better.”

Another voter explained the importance of voting as a civic duty, in addition to other political issues.

“[It’s] the handling of the economy and foreign relations, civil rights, things like that,” said Paul Wright, a South End resident for 45 years.


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