Boston Cyclists Union Seeks New Board Members

Are you committed to helping improve life for bicyclists in Boston? The Boston Cyclists Union is looking for you.

Are you serious about bicycling? I mean more serious than just participating in the latest UHub flame war between bike riders and car drivers.

The Boston Cyclists Union is looking to add new board members. They want committed bike advocates with experience with volunteering and fundraising. They'll want you to bring some specific expertise too, like accounting, graphic design or urban planning. 

Interested? The union has all the information you'll need.

j k01 July 02, 2012 at 04:14 PM
If BCU truly is committed to the safety of cyclists, they should demand that the Hubway system move it's street stations from in front of bus stops to adjoining sidewalks where space permits both stations and pedestrian traffic, such as the case along Washington St. In the South End.


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