Are You Running (Raising Money For) the Boston Marathon?

The Boston Marathon takes place in just over a month. South End runners: Let your neighbors know about your efforts.

On Monday, April 16, runners from around the world will set off on the 116th Boston Marathon.

That's not so far off, and marathoners in the South End have been training all winter for this moment (we've seen you out there, running in the cold and rain, and we think you're a little crazy, but we respect what you're doing).

As runners increase their miles, load up on carbs and develop anti-chafing strategies (is that what marathoners do? We really don't know), many are also trying to raise money for charities that parther with the Boston Marathon. Those who run the marathon as part of a charity effort need to raise $4,000!

If you're a South End resident and you're running the Boston Marathon, tell us about your training and your inspiration, and also share information about your fundraising efforts.

Leave a comment below, and if you're running for charity, tell us about it and include a link to your online fundraising profile.

As the marathon gets closer, we'll share your information on the site.


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