It's Official: Street Sweeping in South End Extended Two Months

The mayor's office confirmed the change Friday.

Starting this coming year, the city will extend street sweeping in the South End by two months, the mayor’s office announced Friday.

Street sweeping in the neighborhood will now go from March to December, it had previously gone from April to November. The change will be reflected on new signage, which is expected to go up in January, according to the announcement.

The announcement confirms .

In addition to the added months, street sweeping days will also be changed on the new signage to follow trash collection more closely (either by one or two days), according to the mayor’s office.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino said he thought this change would keep the city’s streets cleaner.

“It has always been a very high priority for my administration to keep our wonderful city clean,” he said in a statement. “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our daily operations, and by realigning the street sweeping schedule to match the weekly trash collection operations, we’re smartly maximizing the potential of each program to keep our streets clean.”

Know Tow Alert System

Residents who are concerned about remembering the new changes can sign up for the city’s Know Tow automated alert system.

The system will send you a reminder to move your car the night before your street is swept so your vehicle is not towed. You can be informed by a host of methods: text message, phone call or email.

JJ December 27, 2011 at 08:03 PM
I don't think this is good on account of the snow. Last March my car was still buried. I hope they explain what the policy will be when there is snow on the ground.
BenLaGuer December 28, 2011 at 08:33 PM
This is great change and about time! When will the City do something about the people that tear open garbage bags?
topbanana December 28, 2011 at 10:00 PM
This is a fabulous idea. Clean streets and clean neighborhoods are the goals. It will be great to have streets free of garbage, butts, dog poo and litter for nine months out of the year. If you move your car, you won't be towed -- pretty simple. Only those who do not make an effort to move their cars will fund the tow companies. I move my car every other week and the inconvenience is worth it to have a clean neighborhood. Obviously, if there is snow pack on the street and curb, the city will not sweep....just like they don't sweep when there is a hard rain. What do you naysayers have against a clean city?


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