Boston Readying Tons of Salt for Weekend Snowstorm

The Department of Public Works started with more than 30,000 tons of salt this winter, and has only used a couple thousand so far.

Boston has tons of salt ready to use for this weekend's snowstorm.

The city started off with more than 30,000 tons of salt this winter and has only used a couple thousand, even after the Blizzard of 2013.

And Boston sanders, plows, trucks and contracted winter workers are only using salt, or a mixture of salt and water called brine - no other chemicals.

However, the reaction of their furry friends and the thick coating already seen on roads and cars hasn't stopped some South End residents from questioning the city's ice melt tactics. 

Business owners on West Roxbury's and Jamaica Plain's Centre Street have also heard complaints about snow melt products through the years. 

John Guilfoil, spokesperson for the Mayor's office, said the issue could be with the ice melt solutions individuals business owners use on sidewalks, not what the city uses on the street. 

Sidewalks are the legal responsibility of property owners, and that concerned residents should take issues of snow melting products on sidewalks up with property owners, Guilfoil said. 

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