Two Men Charged with Distributing Pills on Massachusetts Avenue

Undercover police arrested two alleged drug dealers in the South End on Wednesday.

Boston Police conducted an undercover drug operation on Wednesday morning that lead to the arrest of two men in the South End. 

The operation began at 11 a.m. when an officer was deployed at Lenox Street and Washington Street. According to police, a man told the officer to go up Mass. Ave. and Albany Street and meet up with another man if he was looking to score any drugs. Upon meeting up with the alleged drug contact, the officer asked about Klonopins.

The man told the officer that he knew someone in the nearby shelter, and he could get Klonopin pills for the undercover officer. The man had the officer wait in the parking lot next to the shelter while he went to pick up. When the man pulled out a prescription bottle, the officer pulled out a $20.00. The man counted 10 yellow pills identified as and handed them to the officer.

At this point, the officer signaled that the transaction had been successful and nearby police moved in. Police arrested Robert Ledonne and Carate McQueen of 794 Massachusetts Avenue and charged them both with possession of a class C substance with intent to distribute on North Hampton Street and Albany Street. The $20 was recovered and the pill bottle was also recovered. Police then contacted the doctor who filled the prescription to inform them that the suspect was selling his pills instead of taking them.

Upon further investigation, police officers discovered that McQueen had two default warrants. One was from a Clinton District Court for operating a vehicle with a revoked license. The other was from a Worcester District Court for shoplifting. Both men were taken into custody. 

Information in this report was supplied by the Boston Police Department. Any charges mentioned do not indicate a conviction.


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