Police: Shoplifter Snipped Security Tags in Front of Cop

Police say the scofflaw tried to sell stolen pants to a woman on E. Berkeley Street.

Boston Police arrested a man they say was selling stolen pants on E. Berkeley Street. Albert Boynton, 54, of Boston was arrested and charged with receiving stolen goods.

According to BPDNews.com, officers from the South End district saw a Boynton and woman talking on E. Berkeley Street. He was holding a pair of pants with a security tag on them. According to police, Boynton then took out a pair of scissors and tried to snip off the tag in plain view.

At that point, the officers walked up to the couple to find out what was happening. The woman said Boynton offered to sell her the seemingly hot pants for $8.

Police searched Boynton and found several more pairs of pants on him. After running his information, police found there was also a warrant out for Boynton's arrest in connection to previous drug charges.


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