Man Charged with Distributing Pills near Boston Medical Center

Police have stepped up their presence in the area to deal with ongoing drug issues in the neighborhood.

Police arrested a Dorchester man for allegedly dealing pills in the area of Boston Medical Center on Saturday afternoon.

Plain-clothes officers in an unmarked car were patrolling near the Boston Medical Center area around 3:30 p.m. when they observed what they believed to be a drug deal. 

Police said they observed two females approach a group of people, have a brief conversation and then approach other groups on the Northampton Street. Eventually, the two women made their way towards the CVS on Harrison Avenue. When they saw a male walking up the road, one of the women shouted, “whoop whoop,” to get his attention, police said. Police later identified the man as Benjamin Pierce of 31 Regina Road, Dorchester.

After a brief conversation, police said they saw Pierce pull out a prescription bottle and shake some pills into his hand. Police said he counted out the pills and handed them to one of the women, taking money in exchange. The woman then gave her friend some of the pills as well, who pocketed her portion of the pills. 

When uniformed police stopped the two women, police said they saw the Pierce put something in his mouth. The two plain-clothes officers stepped out of the car and demanded that Pierce spit out what he had consumed. Pierce reportedly replied, “What? These are mine.” The officer demanded he spit them out again, at which point, the suspect spat out five orange pills.

The two women and the suspect were gathered and the pills were given to the police. Officers reported that the women had spent $20 on 10 pills.

Pierce was arrested and charged with possession of a Class E substance with intent of distribution and distributing a Class E substance.

Information used in this article was supplied by the Boston Police Department. Charges do not indicate a conviction.


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