Alleged Drug Deal on Harrison Avenue Leads to Warrant Arrest

A South End woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant for assault and battery on Saturday morning after police believed she participated in a drug deal on Harrison Ave.

An alleged drug deal led to the arrest of a South End woman on an outstanding warrant for assault and battery on Saturday morning.

Boston Police reported observing what appeared to be a drug deal at 10:30 a.m. near 850 Harrison Avenue on Saturday.  

According to a report, officers said they observed two males and a female standing near the pharmacy at 850 Harrison Ave. One of the suspects was counting out money and looking around in a nervous manner, police said. Police said they then observed a woman approach the group and hand one of the men something.

The officer approached the group at the in-bound bus stop at the corner of Mass Ave. and Albany Street. One officer spoke with the female of the group, asking her if she had given anyone any illegal substances. As the suspect replied, “No,” the officer reportedly saw a green pill on her tongue. When the officer ordered her to open her mouth again, she had reportedly swallowed the pill.  

Officers searched the other members of the group in question, but said they found no illegal substances or outstanding warrants. When they ran the female suspect's information, they said they found an active warrant for assault and battery. Officers arrested Toni Katsikas of 889 Harrison Avenue for the active warrant.

Information in this article was supplied by the Boston Police Department. Charges listed do not indicate a conviction.


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