The Smoky Streets of Boston

The city has a new problem with placing public smokers. Unfortunately, it is right out on sidewalks and doorways, much to the dismay of 'cough-cough-choke' non-smokers like myself.

Have you taken a refreshing stroll in the city lately only to approach a place of business, bar or restaurant with a single or small group of people smoking either discreetly off to the side or smack in the middle of the sidewalk? I now fear approaching these people in my frequent walks and almost wonder if I should have an oxygen tank strapped to my back so I don't have to inhale the second hand smoke!

While I am certainly for the rights of people to smoke if they so choose (but why?!!), I also wish there was a way to contain them from our streets. The businesses clearly are faced with the dilemma of limited space for their customers who smoke, thus causing the sidewalk to be the only solution.

The biggest annoyance of this situation is the smoker, often along with their friends in a buffalo stance, who seem to feel the need to stand smack in the middle of the sidewalk with no clue about the passers by (much like texting pedestrians who annoy us all). Smoke blowing, I have to take a whiff of this as I ask to be excused so I can get to my destination. Really, I want to exclaim "Move Over Chimney", but I choose to refrain.

I have no solution to this 'problem' and I know that cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc are not going anywhere. But if you do choose to smoke and need to be outside near a sidewalk to get your fix, please be cognisant of those around you who may not want a second hand dose of your smoke!

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Jeffery Olson September 12, 2012 at 05:22 PM
They need to pass a law like CA where you can't smoke 75 from a building and in SD can't smoke in parks and beaches.
Liz B September 13, 2012 at 12:58 AM
Nicely done Paully G :)
Tammy September 14, 2012 at 11:11 AM
I find it mildly it annoying when people are smoking on my front steps and it wafts into my 2nd floor living room, but thankfully it's short-lived. Otherwise, I don't find smokers out in the open particularly bothersome.
Timothy Crawford September 14, 2012 at 02:09 PM
People in Boston are RUDE period, be it smokers, bicyclists, I-pod people, gang bangers, beggars, texting people, sudden stoppers on the side walks, this list could go on. As I've heard somewhere grow--a-pair! OOOhhh 2nd hand! smoke is going to kill me!!! So is the stress from all the others above. I'de like to go to the beach sometime and go swimming and not have all those nasty little bacteria, which can kill you much faster, swimming around!
Sara Jacobi September 14, 2012 at 02:50 PM
Haha, I feel you on the "sudden stoppers on sidewalks." Or how about drivers who signal they are going left, then suddenly pull over to the right? That happens way more often than it should here. Oh wait I'm off topic. Anyways, I'm not sure there's any type of viable solution to this issue. Smokers are annoyed they can't smoke anywhere anymore, and now we want to ban them from the streets? I hate secondhand smoke as much as anyone (just the other day I got a whiff of it through my car's A/C because there was someone smoking one out his car window next to me) but short of creating designated outdoors smoking areas... I don't see a good solution.


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