New Bedford Ocean Wind Port 200 Million

New Bedford Wind Turbine Port 200 Million ?
New Bedford Wind Turbine Port 200 Million ?

Letter To The Editor  


New Bedford Ocean Wind Turbine Port Headed To 200 Million  

Is the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal ocean wind turbine port headed to 200 million ? If it is the public is never going to find out that's for sure.

How many hundreds of millions is it going to cost ?  

The final cost of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal is lost from public view for some reason.  

The New Bedford ocean wind turbine port was announced in 2010 by Governor Patrick at around 35 million. Today 6 months prior to the completion of the local terminal rumor has it that the project is already way over budget because of cost overruns. The project is nearing 100 million today with December being the completion date.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Senior Director of Offshore Wind has commented on the project but has never disclosed where the finances are on the project today.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center is in charge of the project. Governor Patrick appears to be pushing for completion of the project by the end of the year at any cost. At any cost to who ?

Where is all the extra money coming from to complete this project by the end of the year ? Why all the extra money to get the project done by December if Quonset Point ,Rhode Island is the construction port for Cape Wind ? 

The local spokesman for the New Bedford Wind Energy Center said that their is nothing being built like the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal to compete with the New Bedford Port. He is correct but Quonset Point, Rhode Island has already been built and is complete with crane service. Quonset Point, RI is the permitted construction base for Cape Wind.

In addition to New Bedford a wind turbine blade testing facility in Charlestown was built at a cost of around 40 million dollars two years ago. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center also built the Charlestown facility.The wind turbine blade testing facility has only tested one large blade and the manufacturers name was not disclosed. The terminal has been idle.  

Are Massachusetts taxpayers getting the best for what is being spent here ? 

Thanks Frank Haggerty  

# Note see link to toxic concerns were brought up prior to the New Bedford  construction  

Frank Haggerty , Mattapoisett  

http://www.epa.gov/region1/superfund/sites/newbedford/523806.pdf          Toxic Expense 7/25/ 2012

Frank Haggerty June 22, 2014 at 12:11 PM
It may be good to note that Massachusetts politicians and wind turbine contractors tell the public these wind projects will save you and them money. The New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal aka the ocean wind turbine port started at 35 million. Today it may go as high as 6 times the original estimate. I believe commercial wind could cost as much as 4 times your current electric rates. People need to wake up before it's too late and your electric bill is higher than your mortgage.


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