Martha Coakley Wind Turbine Victims Need Help

Massachusetts Wind Turbine Circus
Massachusetts Wind Turbine Circus
Attorney General Martha Coakley is the chief law enforcement officer she needs to protect "megawatt" wind turbine victims. Martha Coakley is running for Governor of Massachusetts. Where has the Attorney Generals office been on protecting the civil rights of wind turbine victims in Massachusetts    Attorney General Martha Coakley is also the chief lawyer for the state of Massachusetts.   The Massachusetts Department of Environmental protection has notified at least two towns Fairhaven and Falmouth that the commercial "megawatt" turbines are out of state noise law compliance. Fairhaven has 624 certified noise complaints while Falmouth has 126 certified noise complaints.   The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center formerly known as the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative continues spending taxpayer funds with no oversight. Recently the Mass CEC changed setbacks to residential homes to 2000 feet from "megawatt" turbines and then had a study done saying commercial "megawatt" turbines have no economic effect on property values. ( A 440 foot ,70 ton wind turbine with 7 ton blades cutting through the air has no economic effect ? )   The people of Massachusetts need the help of Attorney General Martha Coakley
Bill Carson January 15, 2014 at 12:01 PM
Attorney General Martha Coakley ordered former Massachusetts Rep. Mark A. Howland and wind turbine contractor to pay $488,000 in restitution to his disgruntled wind turbine customers. The former state rep moved to Hawaii. Wind turbine contractors are above the law in Massachusetts. You know it , the news media knows it and this is business as usual on Beacon Hill .Taxpayer money pouring out the back door with contractors loading up their trucks http://www.southcoasttoday.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100711/NEWS/7110335


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