Five Things: Escaping the Heat

Leaving the city is a surefire way to lower the temperature during the last months of summer.

1. Mostly sunny skies today with highs around 80 and evening lows near 60. Chance of showers and thunderstorms later in the day.

2. If you have a toddler, head over to the  today at 11 a.m. for . Nursery rhymes and songs, short picture books and simple crafts are on the docket and it's great for kids aged 2-3. 

3. It was wicked hot last week, with temperatures climbing into triple digits on Friday. With those temperatures, things started to get a little crazy around the city. At the Franklin Zoo in Dorchester, zookeepers had to get creative to keep the animals from overheating. Check out this anteater getting a cooling shower

4. The only way to get out of the heat is to escape its fiery grasp by retreating to the cools of the countryside. Check out this gallery of rental properties available in New England this summer. 

5. Some seven years after his unsuccessful White House bid, John Kerry has a new declaration: he supports gay marriage. Instead of making an overt speech marking his change of heart, the issue came up in a simple interview with a Boston reporter.


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