Cape Wind Picks Quonset Point RI HQ

Nantucket Sound Wind Turbines
Nantucket Sound Wind Turbines
Cape Wind Energy Report : Quonset Point, Rhode Island  Main Construction Site   https://lpo.energy.gov/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/1Cape-Wind_FEIS_DOE-EIS-04702.pdf   Page 81 of 801 pages of the pdf reader     Section 2.0  Page number 7 Quonset Staging Area
The major construction activities would be supported by onshore facilities, which are anticipated to
be located in Quonset, Rhode Island (see Figure 2.3.2-1). Material and equipment would be staged
onshore, at existing port facilities in Quonset, Rhode Island, and then loaded onto various vessels for
transportation to the offshore site, and ultimately installation. Construction personnel would be ferried by
boat and/or helicopter depending upon weather conditions and other factors. Once loaded, the vessels
would travel from Quonset through Narragansett Bay to Rhode Island Sound to Vineyard Sound, North of
Martha’s Vineyard to the Main Channel, a distance of about 63 miles (102 km).
The applicant has identified an existing, industrial port facility in Quonset, Rhode Island as having the
attributes required for staging an offshore construction project of the magnitude of the Project. The
Quonset Davisville Port & Commerce Park is located on Narragansett Bay in the town of North
Kingstown, Rhode Island. It is owned and controlled by the Rhode Island Economic Development
Corporation (RIEDC). This site is a portion of what once was a much larger government facility known
as the U.S. Naval Reservation–Quonset Point, part of which is still actively utilized as a civilian airport
and base for an Air National Guard Reserve squadron.
The Quonset Davisville Port & Commerce Park is an active marine industrial site that houses several
industrial businesses such as General Dynamics (shipbuilding) and Senesco (marine construction).
Following the downsizing of the U.S. Naval Reservation – Quonset Point, the commerce park was created
in order to develop prime industrial sites, create job opportunities, and to improve the economic
conditions throughout the region.   http://www.topix.com/forum/city/new-bedford-ma/TCBME4ADJNMGCUM33
Bill Carson January 18, 2014 at 10:05 PM
State of Maine to get 100 million Cape Wind Project goes to Maine-based Cianbro Corp. Massachusetts looking at the big Oklahoma .The big zero http://fisherynation.com/archives/tag/cape-wind


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