5 Things, Including a New Door for the Library

Five things you need to know today, April 30.

1) The will become accessible to everyone. The library will get a $13,000 handicapped-accessible door thanks to an $8,000 Prudential Project Advisory Committee grant and private donations, according to the Friends of the South End Library. With the new door, the library will become ADA compliant.

2) In case you missed it: South Enders are sounding off on the idea of . The public bins would help keep the streets clean, according to City Councilor Felix Arroyo, but are these bins (and their ads) appropriate for the South End? Join the conversation here.

3) This week’s Readers’ Choice topic is Mother’s Day brunch. Since mothers and families outnumber the seats at neighborhood brunch spots, finding the right place and locking down a reservation is always a tough trick to pull off. . Maybe you’ll find a new family tradition based on your neighbors’ suggestions.

4) Claim your listing: If you own a South End business, there’s a quick and easy thing you can do to reach your neighborhood customers. When you , you get free tools to help let everyone know about the latest goods on sale, changes to your hours and much, much more. It take no time at all: You can make your claim before your Monday morning coffee finishes brewing.

5) Weather: Boy howdy, it was cold last night. Fortunately, that won’t last: Expect sunshine a high temperature in the lower 60’s today. Unfortunately, the night brings rain and Tuesday’s shaping up to be a washout.

FOSEL May 01, 2012 at 03:07 PM
Regrading the grant to the Friends of the South End Library, it is important to note that the funds have not yet been disbursed and we do not know when they will be. Therefore, it cannot be said that the door is "about to" be installed. We must wait for the disbursement, then BPL has to put the project out for bid, etc. We are thrilled the money has been earmarked for this project, but a timeline for completion has yet to be established. FOSEL will keep everyone updated as this exciting project nears completion. Thanks!
Kasey Hariman May 01, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Thanks for the comment with clarification! I'll make sure Roberto sees this, as well.


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