Man Charged with Selling Crack to Undercover Officer

A Roxbury man was charged with distribution of cocaine and possession of Oxycodone.

Boston Police officers conducting an undercover drug operation arrested a Roxbury man on Saturday for allegedly dealing crack cocaine in the South End. 

Officers arrested Jesus Ortiz of 198 Highland St., Roxbury on several drug charges including distribution of crack cocaine.

Police reported that while walking on East Berkeley Street on Saturday, an undercover officer was approached by a male who asked the officer what and how much he was looking for. The male asked to use the officer’s phone and reportedly made a call to a dealer who told the male to meet him on Tremont Street. The officer handed the man $35 to use for drugs, but the man reportedly left the area and did not return. 

Instead, the officer called the number last dialed on his phone and told the man on the other end that his contact hadn’t shown up, but he still had $20 to buy crack cocaine if the dealer was around. The man, Ortiz, allegedly told the officer to meet him on East Berkeley Street, police said.

When the two men met up, the officer handed the Ortiz $20, and said he spat out a bag of white powder that resembled crack, police said. It was then that police moved in. 

Upon seeing the police, the Ortiz began sprinting away down East Berkeley Street. An officer chased Ortiz and after a brief struggle, took him into custody. 

Ortiz was charged with distribution of a Class B substance, crack cocaine, possession of a Class B substance, Oxycodone, with intent to distribute and possession of a dangerous weapon, a spring-loaded knife. 

Information used in this report was supplied by the Boston Police Department. Any charges mentioned do not indicate a conviction.

Alex Simpson October 25, 2012 at 02:27 AM
Hey Cops, it's not brain surgery, the guys running the show STAND ON TREMONT STREET EVERY NIGHT in between W Newton and W Brookline. I counted the cops showing up and doing nothing 5 times in the past 3 weeks as they Smoke Weed, Drink Alcohol and party on the streets all night. They have customers come, 2 guys leave and come back 20 minutes later. Sometimes on BIkes. GET THIS GUYS. They are ruining this neighborhood.


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