Five Things: One Down, One to Go for Tremont Street Condo Proposal

Today is Thursday, March 15. Here are five things you need to know:

1. It’s expected to be partly cloudy today with temperatures in the mid 40s.

2. The , that would replace the Olde Dutch Cottage Candy building at the corner of Tremont and Dwight Streets passed its first test of the week Tuesday, gaining the approval of the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals, according to Boston.com. At about 8:25 p.m. tonight in ninth-floor Boston Redevelopment Authority Board Room, the proposed project will face its second test of the week: the South End Landmark District Commission.

The commission has already discussed the project with its developer Peter Georgantas, architect Guy Grassi and marketer Pam Holian (). The project is the last item on the commission’s agenda tonight (see attached) and is listed under “Advisory Review,” meaning that it will be discussed again but not acted upon.

3. kicks off Sunday, March 18, and runs through Friday, March 30. At least 16 South End restaurants are participating in the two-week, prix-fixe event.

4. To see videos, stories and photos from Tuesday’s fire in the Back Bay, . Also, .

5. You have until 9 a.m. Friday, March 16, to let us know . , The Gallows and are leading the way thus far.


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