Fire on Roof of MBTA Bus Yard

Boston Firefighters responded to a large fire inside a building in the MBTA yard opposite 93, near Albany Street.

Boston firefighters put our a fire on the roof of an MBTA bus yard on Widett Circle midday Friday. According to MBTA spokesman Joshua Robin, the fire was put out quickly

Initial reports said that a fire broke out and quickly spread into the roof through a vent at the MBTA's bus yard at 110 Widett Circle just after noon on Friday.

Firefighters cut power to the building and gained access to the vent and worked on the roof to put out the fire, according to the BNN alert service. The fire was knocked down by 12:30 p.m., according to Twitter reports. 

Robin said there would be liminal service disruptions while the area is cleared and cleaned. There was no immediate word on a cause for the fire.


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