Dorchester Man Charged with Selling Crack to Officers

The following information was supplied by Boston Police Dept. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Boston Police officers conducted an undercover drug investigation on Monday, November 12 at 7:55 p.m.

Officers in plain clothes observed a vehicle pull over on Perry Street near Harrison Avenue. The driver exited the car and headed towards East Berkley Street and Shawmut Avenue. Officers observed six to 10 people swarm the driver. Officers took $60 in buy money and asked the man if he knew where they could score anything. The man told the officer he would take care of him and told the officer to follow him up East Berkley Street.

The man returned to his car and grabbed something from the center console, then headed back towards the officer. He then spat out three bags of what appeared to be crack cocaine and put them on a parking meter. He then instructed the officer to place the $60 on the meter. The officer thanked him and asked the man if he could call him in the future. The man gave the officer his number and told him to call him “B”. The officer said his name was “Jimmy” and called the phone to see that “B” received the proper number. The officer left and gave the signal that the transaction had gone down.

Officers approached the man and told him he was under arrest. The man began making swallowing motions and the officers were unable to recover whatever was in the man’s mouth. Upon searching the man, officers found the $60, a bag of marijuana and the keys to the car. In the car, officers found four more bags of marijuana and $545 in cash in the center console. Fredrick Talbert of 84 Broomfield Street was arrested and charged with distribution of a Class B substance, possession of a Class D substance with intent to distribute and operating a motor vehicle without a license. 


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