Boston Teachers Union Puts New Deal on Table

"We need to break the stalemate," said the union president.

The Boston Teachers Union has put forth a new contract intended to break the impasse between the union and the city, which includes concessions on wages and a new teacher evaluation system. 

"We need to break the stalemate," said Richard Stutman, union president, according to an article in the Boston Globe. “This is an opportune time to start the school year with a clean slate, a fresh start.”

The union announced it would accept a six-year pay raise contract that includes no raise for the first year, then incremental one percent increases, then three percent increases for the last three years of the contract. The union had previously pushed for a slightly higher increase in the first two years.

But the wages concession comes with a sticking point. The union announced it would only agree to the raise part of the contract if the School Department uses the teacher evaluation system the union wants. This system would make student test scores a central piece of juding a teachers' performance. 

The School Department has until the end of the day on Sept. 4 to accept the proposal. 

Robert Yarbrough August 31, 2012 at 02:52 AM
Holding the City hostage while "Serving the Children" shows this is another misguided system that was built with the best intentions, but in practice, does not meet the needs of those it serves. To truly "break the stalemate", we must abolish compulsory schools that are funded by the taxpayer. Stay with me... I'm merely saying that once EVERYONE's money is on the line, you get the bickering we see today. And in the end, the students suffer. A new system where Parents directly pay for the education of their children (or pool costs with family, neighbors, or charities) accomplishes: Accountability: Not from Teachers to a Union, and a Union to a School Board, and a School Board to a City Council, and then a City Council to Parents that vote (in theory). Teachers would be evaluated daily on their performance by the people that purchase their services - the Parents. Accurate Pay: In a free market system, the best performing teachers (or groups of teachers) could command higher salaries for their services. Lower performers would not. This feedback system is far superior to any other "evaluation system". Constant Improvement: Classrooms must keep up with the latest techniques, and nothing is better at that than the free market. To attract students, schools will invest in best practices. The current system will never please everyone, so why keep creating strife by trying? Let us all choose what best fits our own needs. https://mises.org/daily/2216/


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