ARL Rescues Four Kittens from Northeastern Campus

The Animal Rescue League of Boston picked up not one, not two, but four kittens who were left abandoned on the Northeastern campus on Friday.

Alert: This article may make your heart melt.

Four extremely cute and fluffy kittens were spotted abandoned on the Northeastern Campus on Friday, and within just a few hours, the South End's Animal Rescue League of Boston had responded and saved them from the cold.

"Thanks to a call from a good Samaritan who spotted these 4 lil nuggets outside Northeastern University, our awesome Senior Rescue Tech, Bill Tanguay, was able to rescue them & bring them back to the ARL where they are now safe & warm," wrote the shelter in a Facebook post.

The five-week old kittens were found and rescued along with their mother, said ARL spokesperson Elizabeth Dobrska.

"However, since their mother is a feral cat, the most humane thing we can do is spay her and bring her back to the original location where she was found, and monitor her," she said.

After receiving a medical evaluation, the kittens were placed in a foster home where they will remain for at least 4 weeks until they are healthy and strong enough to become available for adoption, said Dobrska. 

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