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College Hype President Jack Doherty honored by fellow EO Boston members, receives “Boston Strong” plaque


DORCHESTER, MA, ISSUED JULY 7, 2014…Jack Doherty, President and founder of College Hype (www.collegehype.com), and an active member of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Boston Chapter, was presented with a “Boston Strong” award by fellow EO members at a recent ceremony held at The Town Restaurant in Boston.


Doherty was recognized for his many accomplishments as a business owner and EO member; and members saluted his miraculous recovery from a cardiac arrest last October that left him dead for seven minutes before a combination of friends and medics were able to revive him.


Doherty was singled out by his EO colleagues for his strength and example in his recovery and his ability to sustain his business during a time when recovery forced him to remain away from the office for more than a month.


Doherty was presented with a plaque by Jay Miller, former left wing for the Boston Bruins, a guest at the event. Doherty, who was a keynote speaker at the event, addressed the EO members and Boston marathoners.


He spoke of his strategy for success, whether running a marathon or building a business. “Visualize the end result and imagine the joy and success of completing the task,” he said.


And he recounted his largest life challenge. “One night about seven months ago, I went to work for a 7 am meeting, worked a full day, and at 10 p.m. I played hockey. With two minutes left in the game, I suffered a heart attack, hit the ice and, would later learn, was dead for nearly seven minutes.”


He added, “It sounds strange to say those words, even now. I don’t remember much of anything until I woke up at South Shore Hospital.  Waking up at the hospital may well have not happened at all if it were not for  the quick thinking of my teammates, the skill of the medics, and the team at the hospital. I found out that I had had CPR for 30 minutes by 5 different people, and for a full 7 minutes, they could find no heartbeat. I was zapped by the defibrillator twice during that first half hour.”


He continued, “In those early days following the heart attack, I began to learn what I would need to do on my road to recovery. It would eventually include 26 cardiac rehabilitation classes, more than 50 visits to the doctor, and 27 pills a day. What helped me along this road was that ability to conceptualize the end goal. I knew what was really important to me: getting back to some normalcy, getting strong for my family, and getting back to the business of running my business. I knew I would do whatever was necessary to achieve those goals.” He noted, “Each year, there are 300,000 cases of cardiac arrest that occur outside a hospital. Only 7% of those individuals survive to be discharged from the hospital.

Given those statistics, I am definitely one of the lucky people. Fortunately, my life insurance premiums were paid up to date. More fortunately, there was no need to redeem the policy. And also, a good strong team in place at College Hype was able to deliver a statistic I’m proud to share: by the year’s end, my business had grown 23%.”


He added, “I was thrilled at the result, but for the record, I don’t recommend what I went through as a growth strategy plan for anyone else! Today, I’m feeling well. I’m optimistic about the future, and very honored and humbled to be the recipient of this award.”


About College Hype

Since 1987, College Hype Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery has provided organizations with quality, customized apparel and uniforms. Their team works with customers to design and produce apparel which promotes pride in a function or organization, and also contributes to the overall success of an event.

College Hype is a full-service apparel partner, marketing through a retail store, and an online catalog (www.collegehype.com).   In addition to custom apparel, the company offers a large variety of apparel lines exclusive to College Hype, including The Parishes Apparel, All Roads Lead To... Irish Hype Apparel, DOT Day, OFD (Originally From Dorchester),  and many others.

The company uses the best in equipment and technology for production of custom screen printing and embroidery. Jack Doherty and his team work carefully and closely with community groups, media outlets, colleges and much more and have become “the” place to go for orders. In addition to a robust line of wholesale clients, College Hype has its walk-in, retail store at its Dorchester location.

For additional information on College Hype, please visit www.collegehype.com or call 888-983-3625. College Hype is located at 540 Gallivan Boulevard, Dorchester, MA.





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