Wegmans Grocery Store Might Come To Ink Block

Executives from Wegmans toured that site, as well as a few others in the Fenway neighborhood.

Since the Herald left its former home there has been a lot of discussion about what will come next.  National Development, the firm that owns the building they've called the "Ink Block," has included a grocery store , but none has been selected just yet.

Wegman's, though, may be tossing their hat in the ring.  The chain operates mostly in the Mid-Atlantic states and has one existing store, it's Northborough location, already in Massachusetts, but Wegman's chief executive, Danny Wegman intends to expand.  

A Boston Globe article on the possibility of the chain's expansion quotes him, saying, “We believe we belong in Boston, not just in the suburbs,’’ in a speech he gave to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, and yesterday the executive toured sites in the Fenway and visited the Ink Block.  

Even the Mayor wants them in town.  He told the Globe that, he "left a message for Danny and said I’d like to have a conversation. I’m excited that he wants to be in Boston, and I’m going to be aggressive on this and try to work on turning his statement into a reality. I’ve been to Wegmans, and I’ve seen what a great store it is. They’d fit right into the Boston area, and I think they’d do very well."

Nothing is a done deal yet, though.  Not only does Wegman's still have to decide whether they want to come to the Ink Block or somewhere else in town, other chains may have a better bid for the space.  

Per the Globe's article, "Ted Tye, managing partner at National Development .... would not comment on specific retailers, but said, 'We’re talking to several different grocers who are interested in the site, and lots of people are getting in touch with us.'" 

What grocery store would you like to see come to the Ink Block?  Leave a comment with your preference.  


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