New Fresh Fruit Market, with an Emphasis on Seasonality, Coming to Columbus Avenue

Snaptop Market, which is slated to open this September, promises to bring expert knowledge of fruits and veggies to customers.

Most people wouldn't cash in their condo, their truck and most of their possessions to put the money towards opening a small fresh fruit and grocery store business in the South End.

But most people are not Steve Napoli.

Napoli, 26, said he grew up in the grocery business and has always dreamed of opening a store in the South End neighborhood.

"There’s a need for food down here, but I couldn't afford being downtown, so it turned into something my friends and I just joked about," said Napoli. That changed when Napoli started looking at units and found a smaller space that would be perfect for his new business.

"That's when it became a reality," he said. "I'm rolling the dice and taking the chance."

Snap Top Market
The new business, called Snap Top Market, will feature fresh fruits, vegetables, cut items and ready-to-go single serving meals at its 303 Columus Avenue location, Napoli said.  

"You know when you go to the grocery store and buy 5 pounds of potatoes, leeks, and the cilantro you get wilts in two days?" he said. "I'm going to have ready-to-cook packages for people with the right amount of ingredients."

But that's not the only interesting product idea. Napoli's new market will be stocked with the freshest seasonal items, an area where Napoli is a true expert. 

"I'm going to be selling fresh stuff that tastes good," he said. "It's about getting the right products in the right month, and that's where I want to provide the best service."

Napoli said this means not all his products will be local, although he will source local items when the season is right. 

Besides fresh fruit, Snaptop market will sell freshly made salads and dressings, and have a cheese market and dry grocery goods, including oils and vinegars. 

"I think flavor somehow got lost, and I want to bring that back," said Napoli. 

Cate August 11, 2012 at 11:55 PM
This sounds amazing! I can't wait to check it out.


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