New Downtown Crossing Plan Would Demolish 1905 Facade

Plan increases residential space and parking but reduces office and retail space.

Let’s start with the good news: Millennium Partners’ latest plan released this week by the Boston Redevelopment Authority shows progress on getting a building constructed in the gaping pit at the heart of Downtown Crossing.

Now the bad news: the revision nixes earlier plans to preserve the façade of the 1905 Jones McDuffee and Stratton building on Franklin Street.

According to the report, the change would be necessary to support Millenium’s new plan of preserving the remnants of the Burnham Building on the other side of the site as a separate but attached structure.

“The base of the new Tower component will not directly abut the Burnham Building, but be set to the corner of Franklin and Washington Streets,” Millennium’s report read. “In order to focus the preservation effort on the Burnham Building and to achieve separation with the Tower, the remnant of the 1905 Building is proposed for removal.”

The revised plan also increases the tower’s proposed height and nearly quadruples the number of residential units. Meanwhile, office and retail space would be reduced, but parking would be increased.

Project Element

Previously Approved

Proposed Project

Total SF

1,186,000 SF

1,185,000 SF


166 units

600 units


469,000 SF

125,000-218,000 SF


304,500 SF

122,000-231,000 SF

Health Club

Included within Retail

35,000 SF


Included within Retail

10,000 SF


299 spaces

550 spaces (up to 250 public)


495 feet

Up to 625 feet

Table from bostonredevelopmentauthoritynews.org. 


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