Hite Radio Building Demolition To Start on Monday

Developers plan to demolish the Hite Radio building at 1672 Washington St. on August 20th and replace it with a six-story condo building by August 2013.

The former Hite Radio building at the corner of Worcester Square on Washington Street will soon be gone. 

New Boston Ventures, which bought the property in early 2012 and plans to build a six-story condominium on the site, announced preconstruction will begin this week and full demolition of the building will start on August 20th. 

As far as effects on nearby residents, principal David Goldman said there won't be much of a disturbance in the neighborhood. 

"It will be surgically dismantled," he said, noting that Washington Street is wide enough to support the work and remain open to traffic. "Streets won't be closed at all."

Plans for the New Building
The six story, 10,000 square foot development will house nine units, with two at the garden level, one duplex unit, four one-bedroom units, and two penthouse units, Goldman said. Behind the main building will be a separate carriage house. 

Prices have not been officially announced, but they will range from $400,000 through $1.4 million depending on the unit and where it is in the building, said Goldman. 

Goldman said he's so impressed with the new building he actually plans to move in himself.

"I've never moved into one of my units before," he said, "but I think it’s a really cool building. It's got so much glass and it's so modern, plus you’ve got direct elevaor access into each unit. I want to be there."

An Area with History
Goldman and co-principal Dennis Kanin have planned similar developments in the past, including the Allen House, which was their first high profile project in the South End in the late 90s and sits directly across Worcester Street from the Hite building. 

"I cannot wait to get rid of those telephone booths," he said. "I used to sit on the front steps of the Allen House and see all kinds of activity going on there. I've always wanted to get rid of them, and now I've got my chance."

Although the new development is much anticipated in the area - the empty building has become quite an eyesore - Goldman said they won't just raze it to the ground and forget about the site's history.

"We're talking right now about donating the Hite TV sign to the South End Historic Society," he said. 

Hope Shannon August 15, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Erica, the developer is donating the left part of the sign to us at the South End Historical Society. The portion that says "Hite Radio and T.V." We're excited!
Matt Barber August 15, 2012 at 11:46 PM
This type of news is great: what developments are planned, how they're progressing, what neighborhood groups are doing to block them (usually), what activity is going on with other neglected / abandoned buildings in the area (e.g. Sahara on Shawmut), and especially what new stores / restaurants / commercial establishments we can look forward to. I want to lend my support to good local businesses, and sometimes they get stymied before people in the area who would support them ever get the chance! Thanks for the article, let's get more of this type of news / insight into our neighborhood.
Sara Jacobi August 16, 2012 at 02:32 PM
Thanks, Matt! That's actually what I plan to dedicate the most coverage to: new developments, new stores/restaurants, etc. South Enders should feel free to drop me a line at southend@patch.com with any specific topics they want explored!
Michelle Villari August 20, 2012 at 04:33 PM
All great news! Thanks South End Patch for staying on top of everything.
Sara Jacobi August 20, 2012 at 05:04 PM
No problem! :)


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