Charts: South Enders Want New Skycrapers in Boston

South End respondents to our non-scientific poll were excited at the prospect of new buildings in Boston, as were resident in other Boston neighborhoods.

Those tall towers slated for construction Boston’s densest commercial areas may bring a smile to the faces of residents as well the developers collecting the income.

Patch ran a across all eight neighborhood sites in Boston over the past few days, and 65 percent of those who participated said they were excited to see the construction happening.

Another 16 percent said they were just happy to see the construction happening regardless of its form, while 20 percent said they were wary of new pillars imposing on Boston’s existing skyline.

Those numbers differed sharply by neighborhood. In the South End a sharp majority of voters (25) were happy to see more towers. Only one expressed opposition, and eight were just happy for the construction.

In Charlestown, however, many voters were just happy for the construction (10) as they were for the towers themselves (14), while a significant chunk (7) opposed the towers.

Response Charlestown South End Back Bay Beacon Hill West Roxbury Jamaica Plain City Total I'm excited. After 25 years, the city needs more towers. 14 25 5 12 8 31 95 I'm opposed. Boston isn't Manhattan. We don't need more towers. 7 1 1 7 5 8 29 I'm just happy to see more construction in the city. 10 8 1 3 1 0 23 Other 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 Total 32 34 7 22 14 39 147


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