BU to Contribute $694K for Affordable Housing Project

BU will finance a building renovation to create affordable housing units for Boston's homeless through their agreement with the city to build the South End's biolab.

Note: This article was updated to correct several inaccuracies, namely that the affordable housing would be built at 620 Albany Street - it is not, it will be built on Cortes Street in Bay Village.

According to plans presented to the Boston Redevelopment Authority, BU plans to spend $694,000 renovate a building to create affordable housing units for Boston's homeless.

The proposal submitted by BioSquare Realty Trust and Caritas Acquisitions LLC for the development was approved unanimously by the BRA last week. A separate entity will be developing the project; BU's link to the project is primarily financial per its agreement with the city when it was granted the right to build the biolab in the South End.

The project involves the renovation of a building on Cortes Street to create 100 percent affordable housing units for Boston’s homeless and those transitioning to employment.

The housing will also feature work force training through Project Place, that offers job opportunities and skill training. Project Place executive director Suzanne Kinney spoke at the presentation and said the project would improve the lives of about 40 homeless individuals. 

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MPreston January 28, 2013 at 02:34 PM
housing for homeless who do not and did not live in the South End that will be built in Bay village, will help the South End ? Please explain how, exactly. Rather see the money go to providing health care services to the people who live in the South End by the health care facilities that are in the South End. BU has a health care facility in the SE - use it.


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