Boston Medical Center No Longer Part Owner of BU Biolab

Boston Medical Center has asked for the return of its $30 million investment into the controversial infectious-disease biological laboratory.

Boston Medical Center has entered into an agreement with Boston University to give up its 50 percent ownership stake of the controversial South End biological laboratory in exchange for the return of its nearly $30 million investment into the lab, according to the Boston Business Journal

The two Boston medical institutions partnered back in 2003, each contributing about $30 million for the development of the facility in return for a 50 percent state in ownership and revenue from the facility. 

However, since the biolab's completion in 2009, it has never been able to reach its full capacity to work with deadly viruses due to opposition from South End neighborhood groups.

According to the Boston Business Journal, Boston Medical Center first looked to withdraw its support from the project in May of 2010. Boston University has been paying regular payments since then, according to their agreement. As of June 30, BU still owed Boston Medical Center $23.3 million. 

Due to legal action and lack of support from community groups, the biolab is still not studying the infectious chemicals it was designed to research, making it unclear if the lab will ever operate at full functionality. 


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