Third Grade Artists 'Re-Imagine' the South End in Mills Gallery Display

A window display by third graders at the Children's Art Centre will be up through next week.

A new window display at the Mills Gallery gives a unique view of the South End through the eyes of third graders enrolled at the .

The exhibition, entitled “Blueprints: Boston’s South End Re-imagined,” is part of the Community Windows program, which features artwork from local organizations in between regular exhibitions. The display went up yesterday and will remain in the windows through December 7.

In Blueprints, young artists used a variety of methods to convey their representation of the South End. Some created graphic cutouts and used stencils to draft floor plans and elevations, others drew pictures and maps or created three dimensional models.

Overall, the experience was a positive one, said Chelsea Revelle, Director of Arts and Culture at United South End Settlements. Many students have visited art museums and galleries but have never thought about "how or why" the art exists, she said.

“It gives them a fresh perspective to question their environment and then to intentionally create art that will evoke emotions  for the viewer," she said. "[It's] a hands on experience that allows our students at the Children’s Art Centre to be part of the community.”


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