Kingston Gallery Artists Explore Time and Space

The artists will be gathering at the gallery on August 12 to talk about their themes, process and techniques.

Time. Space. Energy. What is it, exactly, that allows a contemporary artist to capture and present these themes from our daily lives? 

Find out at the this weekend, where all the artists from the gallery's latest exhibition, "Currents," will be holding an Artist Talk on August 12 at 1 p.m. The show, which began on August 1st, will continue through Sept. 1st at the 450 Harrison Ave. gallery in the SoWA arts district. The current artist‐members work in a broad array of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, and video.

Ten of the gallery's artists, all from New England, will be on site to discuss their themes, process and techniques from their latest works: Rebecca ArnoldiClaire BurkeErika CarpenterJeanne GriffinChantal HardyRobert MaloneyPeggy McClureSusan Richards,Rachel Thern and Shiao-Ping Wang

One artist's view
Robert Maloney of Jamaica Plain, a 2D and 3D mixed media artist, said his exploration of the exhibit's theme delves into the different meanings of the word "Current."

"I was thinking about current as in electricity, as in time, as in a current period of time and also as time passes," he said. "What happens to physical objects and sort of the way that things decay over time, and also in relation to currents so air currents, water currents, and the way things are recorded."

Maloney, who lists his personal artistic influences as tyography, architecture, and urban landcapes, said he had already been exploring similar ideas in his own work. A 15-year resident of the Brookside community in Jamaica Plain, Maloney said he's been visually influenced by images in his immediate area, including the mill buildings and smokestacks. 

"One of the things that’s pretty relevant is the passage of time and the way that the elements and time in general affect the different things around us, like how we all age, and how the structures around us age as well," he said. "I like to pay attention to the way that some things stay the same and some change, and the elements that come and go around us. They always kind of leave a shadow or a ghost." 

The gallery is open for viewing Wednesday through Sundays, 12‐noon to 5pm and by appointment.


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