You Know It's Spring In The South End When...

How do you tell when spring has come to the South End? Let us in on the evidence that helps you shake off winter's chill.

Winter may not be technically over until March 19th, but temperatures topping 60 degrees have got us thinking about signs of spring.

Whether it's folks eating lunch in Titus Sparrow Park or new buds on the neighborhood hedgerows, everyone has different events that clue them into the changing seasons. 

What are your signs of spring?  Do you stick to the natural world to determine the change in seasons, or is it winter until restaurants and cafes start offering outdoor seating?  Does spring begin for you at Easter, or do you wait until the SoWa Open Market starts to consider the season officially open?  

Leave your sign of spring in the comments section, and let us know if you're ready for this warm-weather winter to be over.  


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