Massachusetts Gas Prices Remain Unchanged This Week

Massachusetts gas prices stay the same this week. Patch File Photo
Massachusetts gas prices stay the same this week. Patch File Photo

Gasoline prices in Massachusetts remain unchanged from last week, according to AAA Southern New England.

A May 5 survey of gas prices in the state found self-serve, regular unleaded averaging $3.68 per gallon, the same as last week, AAA is reporting. Prices locally are 16 cents higher than a month ago. The current price is a penny more than the national average for self serve unleaded of $3.67. This time last year, the Massachusetts average price was 26 cents lower at $3.42.

The range in prices in the latest AAA survey for unleaded regular is 25 cents, from a low of $3.54 to a high of $3.79.

The most up-to-date local gas prices can be found with the AAA Fuel Finder by logging onto AAA.com and clicking on Gas Saving Tips & Tools. AAA members can also obtain a copy of the “Gas Watcher’s Guide” at their local AAA Southern New England office.
Joe Gorman May 05, 2014 at 02:43 PM
Gas prices in brockton area have been the same since jan.2011, which is right around 3.50 a gl.Now that is not good, why? Because a friend of mine who is very well off fiscally (he did it the old fashioned way by working for it) but he said 3 years ago that it's not good because most people don't have the cash for it. So you guessed it plastic. All this is enough to cause another major collapse down in the nyc.And I'm talking this and this alone. The municipality's can't afford it either.I don't think it should be 1.00 ever again, but we're at the point where the govt needs to regulate it, big oil has proven that their greed is going to result in disaster, or is someone else responsible for it behind them? Think about that. Thankyou.
Rob C May 05, 2014 at 04:38 PM
Cant really blame the oil companies, they only make about 6-8% per gallon, Oil companies have one of the lowest profit margins of any business. Comcast is about 9.3%, Airlines 12%, soda/beer/wine 14%, healthcare facilities 19.2% and publishers are at 51.7%. Seeing that a barrel of oil (42 gallons) is around $100, that’s about $2.38 per gallon of oil (base price for all oil products), only around 19 gallons of gas is made out of that 42 gallons of oil. Factor in the cost of shipping the oil, refining the oil into gas, transporting the gas from the refinery to the terminal, transporting to the gas station from the terminal and the cost to the gas station to operate, plus 42.4 cents per gallon in taxes, the price per gallon is pretty reasonable. The profit margin to the station is even smaller at about 5% How exactly could the US government regulate it when oil is sold on the world market?
Jeff Bellin May 06, 2014 at 08:35 AM
Don't feel sorry for oil companies. They have some of the highest profits in the world. And we're talking about $40,000,000,000 (and that's BILLIONS)! But world speculators keep the price artificially high. All oil produced goes into the world market, setting the overall price on the world stage. It's one of the strong reason to be looking at and investing in other alternatives. If viable alternatives were available, watch how fast oil prices would come tumbling down.
mAggressor May 05, 2014 at 05:37 PM
Funny how the media loses interest in high gas prices when a Democrat is President (excuse me - "Prezdint"). Remember when gas prices spiked under Bush, and every morning, day, and night the media/leftwingers were fabricating a Bush - Oil Company conspiracy with story after story about how the little guy was getting screwed? Now high gas prices are permanent, which the Obama "Administration" has celebrated as desirable and good for the environment, and the media/leftwingers act like they have never even heard of the little guy.
Joe Veno May 06, 2014 at 07:17 AM
Well said !!


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