St. John School Featured on CBS Boston’s WBZ-TV 4 "Eye on Education" with Paula Ebben

St. John School welcomed CBS Boston Reporter Paula Ebben and WBZ-TV 4 to our school to film an “Eye on Education” story about our school’s tower garden.  “Eye on Education” is a series that features a weekly segment on the five o’clock news about something educational and innovative going on in a local school.

Paula Ebben and her tv crew filmed our students learning and discussing how the first ever Tower Garden curriculum project has enriched their lives and their science curriculum.

The Tower Garden is an aeroponic vertical growing system that we are growing herbs and greens on to introduce the St. John School Community to sustainable farming.  We are excited to engage the students in growing their own food and weaving it into the curriculum by teaching lessons in science, math and nutrition as their interests develop about where their food comes from and eating healthier. Beyond the natural beauty of growing vine ripened fresh produce, listening to the flow of the water as it irrigates the roots and the glowing light from the grow lights, there is an opportunity here to decide how best to use the produce and that empowers the children to be able to share in a tangible way.

“We want to thank Paula Ebben and her tv crew for coming to St. John School,” stated Karen McLaughlin, Principal of SJS.  “Karen Shea and our students did an amazing job explaining how the tower garden works and how we incorporate it into our science and math curriculum as well as our healthy life style classes.” 

Click here to watch the segment http://shrd.by/mTlmno 

Check out our Facebook page for more photos of Paula Ebben’s visit. 

Way to go SJS!


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